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All services provided by the website are designed to be affordable and economical for the consumers, just like the exclusive free features.

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Most Affordable Price

All services provided by the website are designed to be affordable and economical for the consumers, just like the exclusive free features. We offer discounted prices for the services we provide and will offer an additional 10% discount to any customer who can find a website that offers the same services and benefits at a lower price. Furthermore, a customer may use only one discount at a time, for example, a customer cannot use a promotional discount, together with a membership discount.


Customers may utilize our services at their own discretion and should understand that services provided are on “as available” basis. Neither the company nor any of its affiliates, subsidiaries and licensors may warrant to any of our customers that:

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Limitations of Liability

All customers agree that the company is not to be held liable for direct or indirect damages that may result from the performance or use/misuse of this website and all its’ products and services, even when the customers have been warned before of the possible damages. Additionally, customers agree that the company will not be held responsible in case of the rising fee that has been paid up to a certain time.

BestEssayWritingService.org does not take any responsibility of any consequences that may result from the usage of our services as its usage is completely dependent on the users discretion. However these policies are subject to change.