Service Policy

We consider it our duty to aid you through our services.

Revision Policy:

We aim to provide the best services that satisfy our customers. We provide unlimited revisions just for the complete satisfaction of the customer. If the writing is not up to the mark or the content is not meeting your requirement, you can request unlimited revisions. We don't charge additional for revisions, so you can ask for revisions until you are satisfied. Just send an email to the writer indicating the problem, or go to the "user panel", click on "Request Revision", and add comments of the sections you want to be revised.
As per our revision policy, a customer can get the paper revised within the following time limits;

1st Revision: 24 Hours

2nd Revision: 48 Hours

3rd and More Revisions: 72 hours

The above-stated time limit depends on the nature of your comments. If the changes requested are minor, then your revision will be completed in no time. But if the changes are complex and the content needs serious reevaluation, then the mentioned time limits will be applicable. However, such instances are rare; we believe in delivering quality the first time, so please be precise about what you want.
When you request a revision, our staff compares your comments with the original instructions you shared. If there is no or minor difference, your order will be eligible for a revision. But if the changes are against the instructions you shared, you will have to pay some additional amount.

Urgent Revisions: Sometimes, the writer who managed your order might not be available, and another writer would have to fill in. So, if you require an urgent revision, we will charge an additional amount for the changes requested.

Cancellation & Refund Policy:

Our company policies are open and transparent for all our customers. So, you are eligible for a 100% refund if there are any technical or manual mistakes on our part, such as identical orders, double payments, and other such scenarios. You are also eligible for a complete refund if we cannot provide a writer for your order. Please note, in some cases, you will be refunded a percentage of the original amount. We understand that there may be a scenario where you have to cancel the order; in that case, you have to inform us in due time to process your request.
If you wish to cancel an order, then consider the following conditions;

  1.     If a writer is assigned to your order, we will only be refunded 50% of the original amount.

  2.     If a writer is not yet assigned, the customer will be eligible for a 90% refund.

  3.     If you cancel your order when the details are missing or incomplete, we will refund 95% of the original amount.

Delivery Policy:

We feel proud to say that we have a large team of professional writers and editors. Therefore, we deliver all our orders on the deadline or even before it. However, some of our orders might get delayed, that is all down to technical glitches. We take deadlines very seriously. Therefore 99.8% of our orders are delivered before the deadline. This is why we keep up with the demand of our clients and keep them satisfied.
We advise all our customers to check their inboxes especially spam ones, regularly. Sometimes our emails can land in the spam folder, so be sure to check it regularly. Also, when you place an order, keep checking your user panel to know the progress of your order. We encourage you to contact us or message our live chat support team if there is any confusion or you are not satisfied with the service. We are available round the clock to offer support and answer all your questions. Please note, our custom writing services are purely for research purposes. Customers can download model/sample papers from our website but cannot present them as their own. Doing so will be considered academic cheating. However, if the client uses the sample to improve their writing skills, they will not be held accountable.

Referral Policy:

  • Our referral program guarantees that our customers receive what they are owed. We want to actively engage our clients in the business, give them a benefit, and continue our growth.
  • Please note, the eligible customer will receive all the payments in credit form in their existing account. The credits are made when a customer agrees to use the amount to use our services in the future.
  • Moreover, a client will be eligible for huge discounts under our referral program if they manage to refer our services to 11 or more future clients. Remember, the discounts offered are valid for 6 months; a customer can only request services using such discounts in the said time limit. After that, no such discounts will be valid or entertained.
  • When the referred user visits or signs up for our services, the amount will be credited to the customer's account. If the referred user signs up or buys a service from the link shared by the original customer, the referrer will also be eligible for a credit amount.
  • Please note that if the referred customer cancels an order through our website, the credit amount will also be cancelled. The amount will also not be credited if the referred customer asks for a refund.
  • The company has exclusive rights to withdraw or suspend the referral program without notifying any of its customers.
  • If there are payments or other disputes with the credit amount, please be patient and let our management take charge and resolve the issue.
  • The client is eligible for a cash-out if the credited amount exceeds the $500 limit. All the details will be shared with the customer via email in this regard.
  • The final amount paid by the referred customer will determine the credit amount paid to the customer.

The referred customer has six months to purchase the referred service. The customer is only eligible for credit on the services being referred by them. If the referred customer requests any other service, the credits for that service will not be paid to the referrer.

1. Basic: If a customer refers 1-3 new clients, they are eligible for our basic package. The referrer will receive a 5% credit for the next six months whenever the referred customer purchases a service.

2. Silver: A customer falls under this category when they have successfully referred 4-7 new customers. 10% of every confirmed order will be credited to the referrer's account for the next six months.

3. Gold: A customer is eligible for this package when they refer 8-10 new clients. If the referred customer purchases any services for the next six months, 15% of the paid amount will be credited to the referrer’s account.

4. Platinum: Customers referring more than 11 paid referrals will fall under this category. They will receive 20% of the original amount for each service ordered for the next six months.

Please note, we have the absolute right to revoke or cancel all credit payments if the management finds out that any of the writers, agents, or internal management is taking advantage of the referral program along with the customer. For the Qualify Referral Reward program, all the decisions made by the company are considered final and cannot be challenged. Please note, the credits cannot be transferred or auctioned to another user. We "Best Essay Writing Services" are under no obligation to disclose the changes made in the terms & conditions of the referral policy. We advise you to visit the referral policy once in a while to stay updated on such changes. To avoid a fraud or a scam from the user's side, our company can:

1.   Ban or restrict a user with dual accounts. If a match is found between the two accounts, they will be suspended immediately.

2.   Call the referrer to confirm and verify the referral details.

3.   Suspend or ban an account if any abuse, fraud, or violation of the company's privacy policy is caught.

4.   To maintain fairness in the referral program, our management might modify or change the referrals as deemed fit or necessary.